This Privacy Statement applies to the processing of personal information collected by Scientist Factory AS when you use our web-shop, visit our website, or in any other way interact with our company trough ads or social media. It is important for us to use your information only in accordance with applicable laws and according to your expectations, we aim to keep a transparent privacy policy. Therefore, we have a appointed individual data-protection statement, this statement explains what information is obtained, why it is obtained, how the information obtained is used, and what options and rights you have regarding the collection of your personal information.

What information can we collect:

  • D1 Contact information Name, address, telephone number, e-mail address.
  • D2 Transaction information Payment information, purchase history.
  • D3 Digital Information Obtained when you visit our website. Cookies, IP address, browser-data, comments on our website, data traffic, order history, social media behaviour and user patterns.
  • If you subscribe to our newsletter, we can obtain information about which newsletters you open, your location when you open them and whether you click on any links in the newsletter.

Where do we retrieve the information from?

The vast majority of the personal information we collect is provided with the orders you place in our web-shop. D3 information is obtained using cookies on our website, interaction with newsletters we send you. Read more about our use of cookies here.

How do we use the information?

Through making a purchase in our web-shop, we need (D1) your contact information. This is necessary so we can dispatch your order to the correct address, inform you about the delivery and contact you if necessary. We are required to save (D2) transaction information for our books, incase of a possible audit, for your guarantee and possible returns. The data collected primarily to analyze user behaviour on our website (D3), includes information such as how many people visit our pages, which pages they visit, how long each visit lasts. This information is anonymous and cannot be tracked to a individual user. It gives us a valuable insights into the use of our website experienced, and what content and products are appreciated and most popular. Furthermore, we use (D3) to track which ads and channels provide traffic to our site that can increase orders. This allows us to customize the shop and ads to fit your interests, as well as avoid showing you ads that you are not interested in. This is important to see how the use of our website develops over time, from year to year. Personal information related to the comments you leave on our social-media posts and product-reviews are used to recognize you so that you can leave comments on a future occasion.

How long do we store your information?

We will only store your information for as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purpose of why it is being collected. We store D2 transaction data as long as its required by the Accounting Act, which is 5 years. D1 will be stored for as long as you want to continue as our customer, unless you take other action we can store this data for 10 years. D3 information will only be deleted upon request.

Who is sharing the information?

We use cookies issued by a third party to provide you with relevant offers and ads in channels outside of our website. The third parties can access your personal information.

How can I access, edit or delete my personal information?

By writing: you will be able to access, edit, delete or request a copy of the personal information we have obtained about you. However, we cannot delete personal information we are required by law to keep. Last modified: 20.5.2019