We are a social enterprise with over 15 years of experience, and our social goals are equally important as our business goals. Our social goal has always been to increase children’s interest in natural sciences and to help them understand these subjects better. During these years, we are proud to have inspired more than 100 000 children to engage in science.

Scientist Factory was founded in 2002 by biochemist Hanne S. Finstad. She left a promising career in cancer research to follow her passion: to motivate children and youths to pursue careers within natural sciences and technology. Working out of her garage, she developed evening courses for children aged (8-10) that rapidly became popular. With the help of Ferd, a family-owned Norwegian investment company, Scientist Factory grew out of the garage in (2009).

Today Scientist Factory is a nation-wide science club for children with courses at more than 200 locations in Norway, and we hope to share our knowledge with the rest of the world.