Science in Refugee Camp in Samos, Greece

Children need knowledge. No matter where they live or what their situation is. The natural sciences are global and relevant across borders. Therefore, we are very grateful to have collaborated with A Drop In The Ocean to bring Scientist Factory to Stagona School for refugee children. A Drop In The Ocean is a non-governmental organization which helps people help refugees. We thank them as well as The Kvali Foundation for the support necessary to make this possible.About 4000 refugees live in the camp outside Vathy on the island Samos. This is about half the size of the total local population. While there are many children among the refugees, most have not been able to attend Greek schools because of lack of places and resources. The Stagona School, made possible by A Drop In The Ocean, has since June 2019 provided a great alternative for children aged 7-12. The school aims to give the children a safe environment to learn and to prepare them for future education. We are very thankful to have been able to contribute.

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