Summer school in Karachi, Pakistan

In too many classrooms across the world the sciences are taught using textbooks only. In 2013, Scientist Factory brought our methods of interactive and hands on learning to Karachi in Pakistan. We made theoretical concepts come to life at The Garage School. The students were fascinated by ultra violet sensitive beads which turned from white to colorful when exposed to sunlight, several chemical reactions and various other experiments.


Nida Ashraf, who participated in the session, said, “Usually we learn from books in classrooms. But today we got to do experiments with our own hands. It was so much fun! I want to be a science teacher when I grow up.”

Slime is fun and educational!

Ten-year-old Nida’s view agrees with a core part of our mission. Fun is essential to learning and necessary to inspire further engagement in the sciences. We achieve this by relying more on interactive experiments and dialogue than textbooks.

A focused group.


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