How to maintain a child’s attention!

Remember that your children have different abilities to maintain attention. The ability increases with age and practice. Daily condition, time of day, and sleep play a role in how attentive a person is.

The balance between stress and attention

Attention is also affected by hormones related to stress. We become more attentive with a little stress, but experience problems with attention if the stress level becomes too high. These limits vary greatly from person to person and between different situations.

The role of surprises

Surprises in one form or another can increase attention. Have a plan for how you want to open, for example, teaching sessions to create interest and motivation. It strengthens the ability to pay attention. You can also incorporate sequences that capture attention during the teaching process.

Strategic opening

Learn from those who master getting attention, such as actors and other performing artists. They practice the performance itself and the use of voice and the rest of the body. Feel free to explore different ways of using your voice.

Mastering oral communication

In all the years I attended university, no one recommended practicing the oral delivery of lectures and similar presentations. But I started doing it after the lecture with Marie Louise Tank, and I find that it makes me better. I especially practice what I’m going to say in the first few minutes.

For many years, my dog Balder listened to me talk about various topics while we climbed Grefsenåsen or walked into Lillomarka. In the beginning, many people looked at me strangely, but now no one reacts anymore because it has become so common to talk to others through earplugs while walking. We give the same advice to our instructors at Forskerfabrikken: practice verbally conveying the various activities while driving, showering, or walking to the bus.

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