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How to Incorporate Math Talk Into Your Everyday Life

By Hanne S. Finstad, Ph.D. and founder of Scientist Factory. Numerous studies show that math....Click to read more

Science, passion and emotions

Passion develops excellence and is driven by emotions Thousands of hours with practice is necessary....Click to read more

Building Toys Help Children Excel at Mathematics

Helping children learn mathematics is easier than what people tend to think. Traditional building toys....Click to read more

Do You Believe In Neuromyths?

Do you believe that you use one side of the brain more than the other?....Click to read more

Scientific Experiments Speak Every Language

Science is a global and universal subject. The curriculum is to a large extent the....Click to read more

Should children sleep during day time?

Many parents of infants are reluctant to let their children take daytime naps while in....Click to read more

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Do teenagers need to go to bed late?

Most of us who either had or have a teenager in the house, experience that....Click to read more