Is your child struggling with a fixed mindset?

With a growth mindset, you know that hard work pays off. So when you encounter adversity, you don’t give up but try a new strategy or ask for help.

However, if you have a fixed mindset, you believe that abilities and talents are primarily innate, and you have lower endurance when facing setbacks. You are mostly concerned with the outcome, not the process, and you’re afraid of making mistakes. In this case, others may discover that you lack talent, and as a result, your personal development remains limited.

To help others adopt a growth mindset, the words we use to describe the learning process are important. People who are labeled as ‘smart’ or ‘talented’ may be afraid of losing that status. To save face, they choose to avoid challenges and instead stick to what they already know. On the other hand, if we praise effort and hard work and emphasize the value of learning through mistakes, we can strengthen others’ mindsets.

How do we give children a growth mindset?

  • Show the child that you are interested in its development, not its innate abilities.
  • Praise effort and growth, not how smart or talented the child is.
  • Help the child see mistakes and setbacks as something to learn from. It’s good to make mistakes because that’s when we develop. Children should not be shielded from adversity.
  • Tell the child that the brain can be trained. Just as muscle cells in the body become stronger and better when we exercise, brain cells can become better when we train our thinking.

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