Simple tricks for better learning in children!

Memory is divided into two types: working memory and long-term memory. In working memory, you find what you are actively working on and thinking about at the moment, and it has limited capacity. As adults, we can only hold four to seven things in our working memory simultaneously. If it’s more than that, we lose track.

Use of to-do lists and memory techniques

To prevent everything from getting stuck, we need to write to-do lists or use memory techniques that link what’s in working memory to things we remember in long-term memory. In long-term memory, you can find all the experiences you can recall, and there’s almost unlimited space. You can remember facts, specific events, smells, emotions, and everything your body can do.

Here are some tips for working memory:

  1. If your child shows signs of a limited working memory, start by talking to them to see if you’re right. How do they experience their school lessons?
  2. Develop memory strategies together with your child. For example, write down what the students should do or give them a to-do list.
  3. Think about the pieces of information your child needs to learn.
  4. Only introduce 1-2 pieces of such information at a time. This way, you show them the essence of what they need to learn.
  5. You help them break the material down into smaller parts and build understanding step by step.
  6. Let your child know that it’s okay to ask if they forget something.
  7. Give instructions in short and precise sentences, both in writing and orally.
  8. Repeat yourself often, and be prepared to do so. Don’t get annoyed by it.
  9. Be mindful of the words and concepts you introduce. Explain them and discuss them together.
  10. Place new knowledge in a familiar context. Give the knowledge meaning.

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